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Boxes of slides
Boxes of slides found in attic. Dates indicate 1966-1971.

Someone came to me recently seeking help on a family photo project. While cleaning out an attic, the family found some long forgotten mounted slides in boxes. Not many people have old slide projectors or even slide scanners, so no one knew what was on these slides. Enter Mr. Lizzard.

Each of the smaller boxes contained 20 to 22 slides, and the larger boxes contained 30 to 40 each. There were also stray scraps of film that were either misprocessed or not shot correctly on the film roll from the beginning. With an estimated total of 1000 slides, the family decided to get some help.

This is a wise choice because, although color slides can be made from color negative originals, most 35mm slides are one-of-a-kind transparencies produced and mounted when originally developed. This means there is no other copy to go back to if the slide itself is damaged. With no usable negatives to refer back to, each slide is irreplaceable. That mounted slide that gets put into the slide projector probably the same piece of film that was exposed originally in the camera.